“Our consciousness is so disconnected from the web of life that we have come to think of the earth’s generosities as our own resources to privatise and commodify for profit. We are so enamoured with the construction of our own endless, narrow tunnels of productivity that we have become alienated from the very body that supports and sustains us”

Toko-Pa Turner

Lidia Russo Designs minimises textile waste by reimagining it, making the most of resources we already have. By keeping materials in use, rather than using virgin materials, I am working to contribute to environmental and societal benefits. An independent brand creating authentic, one of a kind products that come from the heart.

Each bag is individually handmade by me at home in the seaside town of Southend-on-Sea. Made with durability at the centre of design, to be one individuals’ bag for life. Keeping fabric sourcing and manufacture in the UK minimises carbon emissions, “ I source remnant textiles from local upholstery shops, the not knowing what fabric I am going to come across shapes my whole brand, celebrating the unwanted fabric is really beautiful, and not one bag is the same because of it!”

From design through to production, and packaging, I have made sure sustainable practices are in place. Teaming with Bags of Ethics ™ to create cotton drawstring bags to protect your very own Lidia bag! They are recognised for their contribution towards the reduction of plastic pollution, and by having their own factory in Pondicherry, South India, they are able to guarantee ethical working conditions for their employees - nine out of ten are women and are provided with professional training to become skilled tailors! Amazing!