Founded in 2018, Lidia Russo Designs is a bespoke brand specialising in reclaimed textile bags, making the most of materials we already have at our fingertips. Three different styles, Tote, Postal and Backpack, each are designed to be reversible.

Proudly supported by The Prince’s Trust; after graduating from University in 2016 with a degree in Fashion, Lidia interned within the industry, but after a short time, found it creatively crippling. Working for profit makers, noticing that changes need to be made to the industries’ practices, she wanted to be a part of the change she wants to see happen, rather than hope for it. Deciding to pursue her ideas further, with always having in mind a plan to build her own brand in the future, she decided to go ahead and try, ‘why not now?’ She contacted The Prince’s Trust and enrolled onto the four day Enterprise Programme, built to support young people launch their own business. Lidia did just that and she completed the course in January 2018.

Leading with a clear philosophy; to craft high quality, innovative but timeless bags, through careful, well thought out production. As a small and independent brand in a vast industry, it is essential to start as we mean to go on, to be able to achieve ‘slow fashion’ the antithesis of the throw away, mass-produced culture of today. “I am exposing the waste from fashion and textile industries to show that it can be used in a positive way, let us love materials already at hand. From design, to production, through to recyclable packaging, I am working to contribute to a circular economy, that sees environmental and societal benefits”.

Made to last, striving to be recognised for her ethical practices, by re-imagining unwanted textiles into her designs, the bags are not only handcrafted; they are bespoke, individual, limited editions. Each sets itself apart from another. Changeable qualities of design invites the wearer to use their creative energy, to turn their bag inside out to suit the different days ahead, through all looks of the day/month/year – not subject to a single season.

Illustrations ©Elizabeth Champion